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Torment Issue Bundle

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For those of you that want it all. 3X the pages, interviews, and snowboarding. Enjoy.


Issue FIVE

Highlights Include:

  • Collapse In Pittsburgh, Ride with Spencer, Jed, Krugs, shot by Baldwin
  • 168 lbs, Gabe Ferguson Interview by Ian Boll
  • Filming in Progress, A Brown Film visual update
  • Still Shining, A historical piece on Timberline Resort and the subsequent summer snowboard progression. Written by Annie Fast
  • Feeling Genuine, Kennedi Deck feature interview by Finn Westbury
  • A Tommy Towns Letter to the community
  • A Poem by Evan Litsios
  • Battle Tested Tricks at Battlegrounds, with Louif Paradis
  • Sacred Ground, Blake Paul talks on the importance of Vans’ Ojo Park in Montreal
  • STAY, On Denali by Amanda Hankison, shot by Danny Kern
  • Vitamin Sea, An Interview with Tim and Ivika shot by Jerome Tanon
  • Torched in the Arctic, Dakine in Norway by Jill Perkins, shot by Joseph Roby


  • Perfect Bound, PUR glue
  • Silk Cover, 130# weight
  • Gloss embossed cover text
  • 208-pages, full color offset printed
  • Silk Aqueous 100# text weight
  • 9.25 x 12 in
  • 2.8 lbs

Issue FOUR

Highlights Include:

  • Gatefold cover of Nik Baden's bs rodeo over pyramid shot by Oli Gagnon
  • Red Lined: Gassing Pyramid with Nik and Jare, shot by Oli 
  • Unsensored with Good Sport, shot by Chad Unger
  • Savannah Shinkse Interview by Jon Stark
  • Closed Quarters, Cole Navin's Interview by Ian Boll
  • How to not blow it on a snowboard trip by Blake Paul
  • Artist Profile with Keenan Cawley and John Garoutte
  • Straight Linin' with Lila Yeoman by Amanda Hankison
  • Is Winter Coming? A Snowboarder's Perspective on Climate Change by Emilé Zynobia and Lucas Isakowitz
  • Dustbox, In the Age of Wonder by Mo Jennings, shot by Colt and Oli


  • Perfect Bound, PUR glue
  • Silk Cover, 130# weight
  • 216-pages, full color offset printed
  • Silk Aqueous 100# text weight
  • 9.25 x 12 in
  • 2.8 lbs



Highlights Include:

  • Brighton Article by Blake Paul and Oli Gagnon
  • Milwaukee Story by Cole Navin and the Vans crew for Evergreen
  • Spencer, Derrek, and Tommy in Russia for Good Sport
  • Feature Interview with Derrek Lever
  • A Token Conversation with Desiree Melancon and Barrett Christy-Cummins
  • Sage Kotsenburg and Gabe Ferguson Strike Alaska for Halcyon
  • A Follow-Up Pride Interview with Tanner Pendleton
  • Newfoundland’s Top Dog Story
  • Over 100 Gallery photographs
  • Pull-Out Poster, and much more


  • Perfect Bound, PUR glue
  • Gloss Cover, 130# weight
  • 230-pages
  • 100 # text weight
  • 9.5 x 12.25 in
  • 3.055 lbs