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Issue SEVEN + the next issue at your doorstep every November.  

You've all been asking about it for years, so here it is. For the first time ever, our annual coffee table book we accidentally called a magazine seven years ago is available for subscription. Maybe you’re over getting your Men’s Health subscription, or maybe you’re just as forgetful as we are. Either way, a brighter future is on your horizon—set it and forget it by subscribing to Torment Magazine.

Here’s to a year’s worth of snowboarding, every year. 

What you'll get: 

  • Issue SEVEN
  • The next issue at your doorstep every November
  • A 15% off code to the Torment Shop
  • Access to content via our subscriber-only email list
  • One of a kind subscription bumper sticker 
  • Discounted shipping 
  • The honor of knowing you support Torment Mag
  • The prestige of being the only friend in your group to subscribe
  • You know how hard it is to run a mag in this economy? 

***On a serious note, making and running an independent snowboard magazine and website takes a huge amount of time and effort. Subscriptions help us keep this going and we seriously value the support we get from our readers. Thank you!

A Glimpse into Issue SEVEN

Issue SEVEN is a 200+ page, ad-free, year-end magazine that might as well be a book. It provides a deep look at the triumphs, issues, and experiences in our snowboard community in the last year.

Book Specs:

  • Only time will tell