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Issue FIVE

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Issue FIVE.

Presented by Ride, Vans, Salomon, K2, The North Face, 686, DC, and Burton, Issue FIVE is a 208-page, ad-free, yearbook. Featuring 10 articles, 114 gallery pages, and a gloss text cover. A half a year in the making, each issue is a carefully curated selection of images and stories, compiled into one perfectly bound stack of paper. We truly pour everything we have into it, so grab a nice drink, find a comfy seat, and settle into the last year of snowboarding. 

Issue FIVE Highlights Include:

  • Collapse In Pittsburgh, Ride with Spencer, Jed, Krugs, shot by Baldwin
  • 168 lbs, Gabe Ferguson Interview by Ian Boll
  • Filming in Progress, A Brown Film visual update
  • Still Shining, A historical piece on Timberline Resort and the subsequent summer snowboard progression. Written by Annie Fast
  • Feeling Genuine, Kennedi Deck feature interview by Finn Westbury
  • A Tommy Towns Letter to the community
  • A Poem by Evan Litsios
  • Battle Tested Tricks at Battlegrounds, with Louif Paradis
  • Sacred Ground, Blake Paul talks on the importance of Vans’ Ojo Park in Montreal
  • STAY, On Denali by Amanda Hankison, shot by Danny Kern
  • Vitamin Sea, An Interview with Tim and Ivika shot by Jerome Tanon
  • Torched in the Arctic, Dakine in Norway by Jill Perkins, shot by Joseph Roby


Featuring photography by:

Marc O’Malley, Aaron Blatt, Colt Morgan, Austin Squire, Bud Fawcett, Cole Martin, Blotto, Sean Sullivan, Trevor Graves, Rob Gracie, Jeff Curtes, Elias rupp, Nick Gannaway, Connor Howell, Joshua Poehlein, Ryan Collins, Evgeny Ponchikz, Erik Hoffman, Jake Price, Liam Glass, Oli Gagnon, Julien “Perly” Petry, Phil Mckenzie, Stephan Jende, Tim Zimmerman, Danny Kern, Alex Pashley, Jon Stark, Dominic Haydn Rawle, Joseph Roby, T.D. Baldwin, Tim Schiphorst, Jérôme Tanon, Bryden Bowley, JJ Westbury, Wietse Thomas, Tucker Adams, Gabe’s Parents, Kas Lemmens, Mikaela Kautzky, Ian Boll, Justus Hirvi, Jody Wachniak. Nathan Stripp, Ben Littler, R.L.K. & Company

Contributing Writers: T.D. Baldwin, Finn Westbury, Jill Perkins, Louif Paradis, Blake Paul, Jérôme Tanon, Amanda Hankison, Evan Litsios, Tommy Towns 

Contributing Artists: Cheyne Brooking

Contributing Design: Austin Squire, Colton Morgan, John Warren, Charlotte Tegen,



  • Perfect Bound, PUR glue
  • Silk Cover, 130# weight
  • Gloss embossed cover text
  • 208-pages, full color offset printed
  • Silk Aqueous 100# text weight
  • 9.25 x 12 in
  • 2.8 lbs


Printed at D & K Printing in the USA – 2022